Switching to Open Source: #2 Clouddrive and Document Editing

  1. Transfer files to Nextcloud
  2. Collaborative editing with Only Office Online
  3. Setup LibreOffice for WebDAV

Transfer files to Nextcloud

This step is rather straight forward, you just have to install the Nextcloud client and put all files into the Nextcloud folder. The client will automatically sync all files.

Collaborative editing with Only Office Online

  1. Create a personal account at OnlyOffice
  2. Login and now press add Nextcloud account
  3. Enter your Nextcloud URL and password (create an app password -> yournextcloud.com/index.php/settings/user/security) and click save.
  4. Now you can edit files that are on your Nextcloud

Setup LibreOffice for WebDAV

  1. Install and open LibreOffice -> File -> Remote Files
  2. Click on add Service and choose Type -> WebDav
  3. Follow the following steps